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THE PROBLEM WITH WHITE “ALLIES”: Racist Pacifism, Property, and Patriotism

(Throughout the essay, I use the pronouns “Us”, “We”, and “Our” in reference to all People of Color as We are the only ones who will ever experience racism in the “United States” today. In contrast, I use the pronouns “they”,”their”, and “them” in reference to all white people as they are the ones who created, benefit from, and control institutionalized racism in the “U.S.”. In addition, I’m making an effort to stop the Otherness of Our people and show how We have often–but not always–been treated the Same in each of Our struggles to abolish the racist institutions that whiteness is responsible for).


It’s infuriating that so many white “allies” have tried to passively co-opt a Black Peoples Movement by throwing they hands up in the air and yelling “‘all’ lives matter”! Whats even more enraging is that it seems like their are just as many white “allies” of the Ferguson rebellion who have condemned Black Peoples legitimate use of liberating force by hypocritically saying “there’s no excuse for violence”.

People in Ferguson continued to resort to the use of force after the non-indictment of Darren Wilson because no(white)body in the government listened. They were repeatedly warned that if there will be#nojustice, there will be #nopeace. But why do so many white “allies” continue to condemn Us for what they perceive as violence? Why don’t most white “allies” perceive the mere existence of amerikkka and the korporations that rule it as the epitome of violence? Is it because they work for kkkorporations and receive the government’s benefits of white privilege?

Why do liberal kkkorporate news stations and white “ally” politicians choose to ignore the lack of police-state response to white people who actually riot more frequently over really trivial shit like their sports?

Does any(white)body realize that at this recent white riot there were only 84 arrests—not all of which were even related to the riots—out of the thousands of white people who looted stores, flipped and smashed kkkop cars, started fires, and committed other gross displays of white privilege? Why did most of these arrests happen after the riots? Why wasn’t the “national guard” there to “stop the violence”?

More importantly, why wasn’t a militarized police response used to control this white riot while terroristikkk, unlawful, and potentially lethal force was used to serve and protect mostly white business people and their “property” from yet another black rebellion??

The blatantly obvious answer is that “justice” is only blind to whiteness. As it always has been. Because as they all know, this kountry was founded to represent, serve, and protect the interests of “American” people. Our People have never and will never be “American”. The evidence makes it clear that every(white)body’s life has always mattered more than their “property” in this illegitimate kkkountry, while no(“red”/”black”/”yellow”)body’s life has ever mattered more than “property”. Who owns the most “property” in this kountry? The korporations run mostly by colorblind nazi kkkapitalists. In serving kapitalists by protecting their “property”, the kkkops and paramilitary vigilantes are dehumanizing the lives of Black Rebels.  Will we ever be treated like humans in this kkkountry? Obviously not.


It’s very evident that conservative white politicians want militarized police force against Our Revolution.

So can’t “progressive” white politicians see that they are not “supporting” Us by calling this rebellion a “riot”, but are instead enabling more militarized police to enforce theiranti-riot act”? Is this a part of the federal government’s counterinsurgency strategy to squash Our revolutionary dissent?

Can’t “progressive” white politicians see that Our lives have always been threatened by their “law enforcement”? Don’t they understand that their “laws” give kops the license to kkkill Us in defense of their “property”?

Can’t all liberal politicians see that We are being racially segregated by the “judicial” system, which in turn is making the exekkkutives of private prison kkkompanies rich?

Can’t any “progressive” politician see that it is extremely regressive to chain Us down like slaves in prison for trying to liberate Ourselves from institutionalized racism?

The simple answer to all these questions: Yes, of course they can.

Will any politically and economically powerful white person ever accept that Our bodies are NOT their “property”?

Will these “people” ever accept that every non-human body they perceive as “property” has and continues to be stolen from indigenous people here and around the World?

Will they ever hold themselves responsible for the fact that We—as their “property”—built their kountry and continue to grow their food?

The simple answer: Never…

If all lives really mattered to white “allies”, then why aren’t they all grieving and raging with all of Us who have lost Our lives to their white supremacist hetero-patriarch plutocracy over the entire his(white)story of this kountry? Why aren’t all white allies risking their lives with and for all of Us who’ve been rebelling for over two hundred years? Why aren’t all white “allies” supporting and joining Us in Our rebellious actions everywhere, every time?

Is it because they aren’t willing to let go of the unearned benefits embedded in their white identity? Is it because they want to continue living under the false impression that they “deserve everything they’ve worked for”? Even after they’ve learned that the benefits of “everything they’ve worked for” have inevitably been inherited from centuries of ongoing terrorism imposed on Our communities by their oppressive government? Is it because they have too much “property” too lose? Is it because they have “other responsibilities?” Is it because they aren’t willing to lose everything that they receive from the welfare afforded to them by white privilege?

Are these the reasons why so many white “allies” (especially class-privileged ones) desperately cling to “nonviolent” pretenses in their activism and organizing?

Cause if that’s the case then they all might as well throw on their pointy white hood masks, because that is severe colorblind racism. Whether it’s due to their fear, disapproval, condemnation, defensiveness, doesn’t matter: its still racist. Because in this “post-racial” era, Our People continue to be violently subjugated under a colorblind neo-nazi government dominated by white corporate elites. Just because they passed the Civil Rights Act” and they are “represented” by a Black president, why would this kountry’s “leaders” even dare try to kkkommand Black People to remain passive?

Why do so many white “blacktivists” even dare policing Black People for freely expressing pent up rage? Smashing cars, breaking windows, taking things for free, and burning shit down are all different ways that Ferguson dissidents have freely expressed Their feelings of rage. If We had the same kkkonstitutional right as korporations to the freedom of expression, why have Our freedom fighters in the American Indian Movement and the Black Panther Party been heavily prosecuted by the FBI for Our legitimate expressions? Why has there been a decline in the number of White Kolllar Kriminals prosecuted by the FBI? Is it because politicians refuse to accept that the korporate donations they receive for politikkkal kkkampaigns are in fact anti-democratic kriminal transactions?

If violence really wasn’t acceptable to white “allies”, why hasn’t the government ended their war against Our people? Why hasn’t the federal government declared war against the oldest domestic terrorist organization, the Ku Klux Klan? Why are We the ones being incarcerated for using armed force to defend Ourselves, Our families, and Our lands from their racist wars and terror?

By condemning Our use of armed self defense and commending their use of structural violence, white “allies” are in effect perpetrators in amerikkka’s war against Us. A war against all People of Color that has targeted Red and Black people in particular. A war that was first declared at “Plymouth Rock” by white psychopathic pilgrims. 


By continuing to grant amerika and it’s law enforcers any excuse for racist serial murder or any semblance of authority is to give his(white)story the benefit of the doubt. It’s like sending a rape survivor to prison for shooting a rapist in self defense, and then letting the rapist walk free just because the rapist’s side of the story said “it was her fault!”; despite clear evidence that he actually did commit rape. To tell Us that “there is no excuse for violence” is to blame Us for defending Ourselves in a Race War that We never declared.

Its one thing for liberal white people to be against blatantly racist White gun enthusiasts. But when powerful white “allies” allow their kops to aim live ammunition at Us and incarcerate Us for legitimate acts of rebellion, its because Our use of Revolutionary force has been the only real threat to effectively disrupting their amerikkkan status quo and abolishing their korporate white supremacist patriarch police-state.

All white “allies” need to understand that they aid and abet amerikkka’s counterinsurrection against Us when they self-declare themselves as pacifists that only work inside “the system”. What many don’t realize is that by working within their white supremacist hetero-sexist kapitalist plutocractic kkkolonial civilization, they become so suffocated by identity stakes and nets of accountability (see Schwalbe’s “Rigging the Game” Ch.6) to the point that they aren’t willing to take effective direct action because “they have too much to lose”. The only way white “allies” can actually change their “system” from within is by abolishing it. That way, We can change it over to a system that won’t destroy Us and Our planet.

Educating your(white)self, making FEDbook posts and phone-bank calls, voting and lobbying, canvassing and tabling, fundraising and supporting nonprofits, filing lawsuits and petitions, or organizing marches and rallies will never be enough.

Its pretty obvious that all of these channels have failed at systematically abolishing all forms of kolonial oppression. We all need to face the reality that these strategies and tactics have been so ineffective in destroying white supremacist systems because they have all been defined and developed by white people, and fit neatly under their Aryan legal frameworks. Even breaking their laws in “nonviolent civil disobedience” is a white concept because it originated from Henry David Thoreau’s essay “On Civil Disobedience”. Ghandi and MLKJr. adopted “nonviolent” precepts because this good ol’ (white) boy inspired them.

Ask yourselves, white “allies”: why would you continue to pledge allegiance to a kountry that has always incarcerated and killed Us for acts of rebellious self-defense while white kops walk away with racist murder EVERY 28 HOURS? Why would you trust that your government protect Us when when white people are 21 times less likely to killed by a kop? Why would you ever trust your racist, homo(trans)phobic family and “friends” when eight Trans Sisters of Color have been brutally murdered since this past June? Why would you trust what kkkorporate media tells you about police kkkillings when they’ve given no attention to the murder of another Red brother?

Why would any white “ally” ever trust their government to “give” Our people justice when the Feds didn’t even arrest but rather paid white korporate kkkriminals for the Global Financial Collapse with Our tax money? Why would you ever trust your government to “give” Us justice when 96% of the 112 judges who’ve ever served in the Supreme Court have been white males? Why you trust your government to represent all Black People when there have only been eight Black senators in your country’s his(white)story? Why would white “allies” ever trust that the Federal government has “given” Red people the sovereignty, autonomy, and reparations We are entitled to after being almost completely exterminated by the federal government wars, boarding schools, and Eugenics programs?

The racist tyranny that Our daily lives are governed by was created with the intent to violently control and exterminate Our racialized bodies—as well as Nature’s objectified bodies—for white mans profit. It is Our social responsibility to revolt in armed self-defense of our lives, our ecological families, and all future generations. Our survival depends on it. The planets survival depends on it. Everybody’s survival depends on it! Not only the white bodies that have the most access to clean air, clean water, and arable land.

Black People have always used armed force to defend our families, friends, and future generations from #amerikkkanterrorism. As Native People, We have always used armed force to defend Ourselves, Our lands, and Our waters from their terroristikkk Holocaust. The hegemonic governments and economics of white people are to blame for the current Global Ecological Collapse due to the fact that Original People have been forcefully displaced from Our sacred sanctuaries ALL AROUND THE WORLD by rich white men who won’t fucking stop extracting fossil fuels, logging Our forests, polluting Our air, stealing Our water, and poisoning Our soil. Talk about fucking looting and arson!

Our People are born with the responsibility to Revolt, because the amerikkkan govn’t has never, will never, and can never hold itself socially responsible for “granting” Us true liberty, justice, and peace. And you all know very well that your politicians and CEO’s will never stop the Global Ecological Collapse now before its too late.

We—not white people—are the Ones who need to decide how We’ll all liberate Ourselves from their chains. We are the Ones who need to judge what or who is unjust. We are the ones who need peace from their wars. It is Our natural right to be autonomous from amerika.

But as long as white “allies” remain “nonviolent” as a means to “create” social change, We will never be liberated. We will never lose Our chains. They will kill Us all before your own blue eyes if We revolt alone. But this ground is saturated with enough of Our blood. The winds have carried away enough of Our last breaths.

The only way We will be able to nonviolently create social change is when Our white “allies” use their privileges to stop them from squashing and killing Us while We recreate Our communities and Our cultures. White supremacist civilization has already negatively changed Our societies enough by violently destroying Our original societies. If white “allies” really fucking loved all the sacred land they tread on, then they’d abolish the kkkountry that treads on Us.

If Our lives really fucking mattered to white “allies”, then its about time that they all put their entire lives on the line in an effective effort to destroy white hegemony in all its forms. And the only way for white “allies” to abolish whiteness is to rebel. To STOP trusting this kountrys laws and obeying its kops. White “allies” cannot tell Us or allow this kountry to tell Us how Our Revolution will go down.

Now is time that white “allies” start trusting and listening to Our commands. Our decisions.

NOW is the time for white “allies” to WAKE UP from their deranged amerikkkan dream. We already woke up from Our worst nightmare centuries ago.

So, what do You all want us to do?” ask the “white” people serious about making Our Revolution happen…

I’ve got some suggestions that I’m still working on, but in the mean time take a hint


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